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[Permit To Import Non-Navajo Water Onto Navajo Lands]

From time to time, contractors and other water users have a need to obtain water from sources off the Navajo Nation and to import it onto the Nation.

The sorts of projects this is done for vary, but they most frequently include construction projects of various types.

Typically, a contractor cannot find a water source on the Nation close enough or of sufficient quantity or quality to use on a particular project. The contractor will then locate and obtain permission from outside owners to take water from another off-Nation source.

The TCOB, DWR has general legislative responsibilities when implementing the Nation’s Water Code law to protect the public health and welfare, see e.g., Title 22 N.N.C. §§1101 and 1503 A.

Therefore, it is part of the WC implementing duty to insure imported waters are from approved sources, and thus not harmful to the Nation’s or the People’s health and welfare.

For the import of water, the normally employs a water use permit, and which the permittee merely signs and returns. The permit fee is $25. No water fees are charged for non-Navajo water imported onto the Nation.

To initiate the process for obtaining an import permit, telephone or visit the TCOB, Water Code Section. Our contact information is elsewhere in the Website.

As with regular permits, issuance of an Import Permit is a discretionary administrative action.