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[Wellhead Protection]

The TCOB Water Code Section works closely with the Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency (NNEPA) on wellhead protection issues. The NNEPA is the agency with primary responsibility on the Nation for wellhead protection. This kind of protection has requirements for proper well drilling, well casing, and land surface use near wells.  The aim of these requirements is to prevent contaminants, on or below the surface, from seeping into a well and getting down in our ground water and polluting it.

The NNEPA Public Water Systems Supervision Program, in Window Rock, has developed a Wellhead Protection Program (http://www.navajopublicwater.org/Prevention.html). The NNEPA Program is enforced under the Navajo Safe Drinking Water Act (http://www.navajopublicwater.org/NNSDWAAugust2001.pdf).

For more information, contact the Navajo EPA Public Water Systems Supervision Program at 928-871-7755.