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As the Navajo Nation evolves into the new century, the TCOB DWR will evolve with it by providing quality and timely regulatory services regarding the Nation's water resources. These services shall be guided by the long-term best interests of the Navajo People.



The TCOB, DWR will strive to be the primary water use regulator and water revenue generator for the Navajo People, as part of our duty to (1) implement the Navajo Nation Water Code and (2) carry out relevant provisions of the Department of Water Resources plan of operation.



The TCOB, DWR, will base its future planning and management decisions on the effect of such decisions concerning:

  1. Our ability to provide the best overall service we can to the citizens of the Navajo Nation and the users of the Nation's waters, as guided by applicable laws and regulations and the Nation's goals for water use and conservation, economic development, environmental quality, and the public health, safety, and welfare.
  2. The varying lawful and reasonable needs of a wide array of regulated water users.
  3. Our capability to provide general regulatory, revenue generation, and water use conflict resolution services for the Nation.
  4. The overall quantity, quality, and availability of the water resources of the Nation.
  5. Maintaining citizen trust in our desire and ability to provide appropiate and lawful water use regulatory services for the Nation.